Voices of Van Gogh

Voices of Van Gogh
In 2011, I was introduced to John Cate, an Americana singer-songwriter, by legendary record executive George Daly (Janis Joplin, the Tubes). John and I began a collaboration and in 2014 formed Voices of van Gogh with Rock and Roll Hall of Fame member John Durrill. During this time, my contribution was purely instrumental, accompanying the recordings and live shows on violin.  In 2012, I stepped forward both as a writer and vocalist that would culminate in our debut album together.

Voices was formed in part as a vehicle to launch myself as a vocalist and songwriter and a relationship was established with North Music Group (publisher of composer Alex North). “Painting With van Gogh,” the ensemble’s debut album, was released in  2014 and myself and John’s “Sacred Wheel” received critical acclaim and AAA airplay by US program directors. Our publisher North Music has played an active role in showcasing and promoting our catalog for licensing to film and TV.

John and I continue our songwriting and performing collaboration, and are currently working on a collection of songs that chronicle my early years, including her time with Bob Dylan and the Rolling Thunder Revue. Performances are scheduled for spring, 2017.

John Cate

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