Voice of the Animals Project

ABOUT THE BOOK – Voice of the Animals is a full length book and companion CD. It is the story of how human societies have experienced the mysteries of the animal kingdom through the ages.  From the most ancient cave paintings to present times, animals have held a powerful place in the psyche of our history, mythologies and spiritual lives.  The book takes the reader on an interactive experience of words and music on a journey with iconic creatures to reveal the many vivid reflections of our deep ancestral inter-connectedness.  Comprehensively researched, it was written for a general audience…students, teachers, and animal lovers of all ages.  Its intent is not only to fascinate, but to cultivate a wider appreciation and understanding of animal life, and thereby to enrich our own spirits and well being.

VOA offers a world vision with precedence setting leadership recognizing that the continued survival of the planet relies on our stewardship and preservation of the primordial wildness of the earth.  It supports not only all forms of biodiversity, but also cultural diversity, therefore fostering a life enhancing environment.  Through each animal chapter and music, we enter secret and hidden caves of imagination and knowledge.  It is a sterling work revealing unique facets of animals real and mythical lives.

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